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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The starvation, global economic crisis, dimmest future ahead, lifelong troubles caused by their own military leaders, year 2010 is approaching speedily like invisible grim reaper for the Burmese people.

In parallel, the military junta from Burma is successfully fooling the whole world including United Nations as usual and now their plan is to exploit foreign policy of the United States.

United Nations like a sadistic entity of orgy bureaucrats around the world, they bitterly love to be tricked and spanked by Burmese Generals in uniforms.

Gambari good-for-nothing-recycled-dictator in diplomatic suit was appointed by United Nations to handle Burmese issue after brutal slaughters on Burmese Monks and people in September 2007 by ruling military junta which took over state power after vicious crackdown in 1988 nation-wide uprising and ignored the result of fair election in 1990.

His journeys to Burma were rhetorically like breezy vacations of a branch director who works with some bankrupted corporation. His failure attempts to mediate between NLD and the military generals were no new story for the Burmese people. They had seen several envoys and bureaucrats from United Nations coming as a little over tourist, eating the best dinner and sleeping in the best hotel humanly possible in Burma, unsettlingly, Burmese people are still suffering under the military boots of atavistic lunatics.

On the flip side of his failures, he insists and welcomes 2010 election by lobbying for SPDC and trying to ensure their survival. Obviously, he is merely a sidekick of the Burmese supremo, nothing more than that.

Then, what about Ban-Ki Mon? Secretary the Great of the United Nations: Great guy of the planet earth or yellow smiley face logo from Chinese take-out restaurant bags? It is so hilarious how United Nations is trying to handle the problems of the 21st century, far from imagination; they can’t even catch up with half-century-old problems like of Burma.

Simply, United Nations conspicuously ignores NLD, Aung San Suu Kyi, political prisoners, freedom fighters of various organizations, and the people of Burma.

While Gambari wearing his ugly smile on that wincing face, he is just a little more than Mr. Wilson the Volleyball from a movie called Cast Away for the Burmese people.

Beside that, self-claiming Burmese academics in exile are drumming their surrender-tune rhythmically and effortlessly using radio stations like VOA, BBC, and RFA and so called Democratic Voice of Burma, internet web pages, and news groups from their comfortable residences eating their peaceful dinner, sipping the fine wine, having well-founded plan and financial security for their children and themselves. At the same time, they are surfing on net to find papers and articles about international incidents, policies and historical events of the nations for their reference to support 2010 election in Burma.

Meanwhile, the people inside Burma are exponentially suffering from various problems created by cruel military junta, but the people genuinely know what the future of Burma will be, if they accept 2010 election based on haunted referendum: it sacrificed over 200,000 innocent Burmese lives and left millions without foods and proper accommodations.

Russia, China, members of Asean countries and India also externally play the vital role in Burmese politic and they dance very well with Junta. Their policy makers may be respectful politicians and leaders for their own people, but for the Burmese people and global community, they are authentically as crooked as Burmese Junta and without confusion, they are true accomplices of Junta.

Hence, they know what they want from Burma and they carefully crafted their own policies toward Burma; those are just for their own profit, but not for the people of Burma.

On the other hand, American led western countries also have their own policies and agendas for Burma based on their potential benefit in South East Asia.

On the website of the president of the United States, their foreign policy is stated; Obama and Biden will renew American diplomacy to meet the challenges of the 21st century. They will rebuild our alliances. And they would be willing to meet with all nations, friend and foe, to advance American interests.

Finally, SPDC backed by Chinese government wishfully assume that statement is a god-created chance for them after rapes, murders, extortion, and robbing the people.

Is Obama administration stupid enough to be fooled by Burmese generals and pro-Junta Academics?

Are historic President of the United States and two-termed first lady Mrs. Clinton stupid enough to shake hands and flirt with blood thirsty and cowardly corrupted Generals from Burma?

Let’s see how Mr. Yes We Can and his secretary of states will change their way around.

But Remember…! The people from Burma are not Barbie dolls in your toy basket.

Tote Kyi(Tar wa tain thar)

Published and posted in Dr. Lun Swe's blog