Civil war is in renewal process.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Reflection of Khin Zaw Win and His shameless gang

I have written a numbers of satires, articles, short stories, and poems. Most of my works are in my mother language. When I compose a poem, I let myself flow within my hidden self, craw on my naked wound, cry like a desert sand-storm on my very feast, intercourse joyously in my vein, with sudden silent, not even whisper blink of my eyes, where I press the full stop key softly, then walk away, standing by the glass window, gazing in the sky, yes deep into suicidal emptiness, thereafter I sigh and light my cigarette, inhale like a black hole, while struggle to sing some melody that I never heard of, and that is all.

Is it?

Well, damn you all …..!
Those of you, who deceive the poor people and licking the balls of the dictators and giving bogus hopes for the future, dig your very own grave for the soul that you never possessed oh….. My..! Spineless creatures…!

Hello...manipulative well-wishers from every corner of the world, come , take, have, own, enslave our souls as the way you want , just like the puppets, just like the clever pets, not even that, befriended with dictator and you can kill us just like a bunch of pests.

Hello... Holiest hellish highest people of dignity , integrity , and prosperity , please come and help us destroy our mother land , back to back with devils in the power, impostors in democratic mask, come and enjoy the raped breasts of our innocent girls, cleanse your feet in the tear shed of our innocent children and please...please.. Have mercy and do consume our very own flesh with democratic dream.

Right here… Right now…! I will substantiate how pathetic we are.
Just take a closer look ……..and just gaze for awhile.
Just take a look, like the vultures hovering in the sky……

Tote kyi (tar wa tain thar)